tiger cubs

Ages 3-4

Here's how to get started

STEP 1 - Download the Apple App or Google App

STEP 2 - Type "LEMOORETKS" for the studio code.

STEP 3 - Log in with Facebook, Google, or your Email.

STEP 4 - Navigate to Memberships and select Tiger Cubs

STEP 5 - Select the plan that best suits your schedule!

In our Tiger Cubs program we teach the basics of karate in a simple and fun way!


Throughout this structured curriculum we emphasize self defense and awareness when confronted by strangers and bullies. We teach our students the importance of establishing boundaries, how to train and use their intuition, and using their most important weapon--their voice.

At TKS, we like to have fun! We play many different games which are awarded to the students if they show good focus and attention during class. We structure these games to reinforce important skills such as: