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sifu's choice: gear

I have owned a SISU Mouthguard now for about 5 years, and it is far and away the best mouthguard I've ever owned in 30 years of training. 

It is light, comfortable, and doesn't make you gag. The perforations allow for talking and drinking with your mouthguard still in, which means you don't have to slurp spit and pull your guard out every time you need to coach or ask a question! I have remolded this guard at least a dozen times and it still shapes properly.

 10/10 in my book! Use our Amazon Affiliate link to purchase the BEST mouthguard ever!

Book Recommendations!

 Build your Martial Arts Library!

There just isn't enough time on the mat to discuss ALL that is contained in the art of Kenpo. I fear this is a problem with many Kenpo schools; instructors spend far too much time TALKING about the art instead of TRAINING it! 

So I will hold my breath for the time being and instead recommend some absolutely necessary books to start building your Kenpo library!

If you have started your Kenpo journey and haven't yet purchased this, you are late to the game! This is hands down the best resource to have close to you at all times while learning the art. As you would expect from an Encyclopedia, it contains definitions, explanations, and diagrams of many rules and principles of motion. I use this at least weekly if not more often. 

Although some of Ed Parker's Encyclopedia of Kenpo is obsolete, it still acts as a sort of history book, capturing the framework of Kenpo at an earlier time.

I highly recommend you add this to your library right away!

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There are five books in this volume, but I recommend you read Volume 1 twice. This is a crash course on the history of Kenpo as well as a philosophy book and instruction manual. 

Parker is an incredible author who has that rare capability of interpreting complex ideas using the vehicle of metaphor. This is a fun and quick read that is necessary for all levels of Kenpoist. Use our Amazon affiliate link above to snag your copy!

I probably recommend this book to people more than any other. This is not just for the martial artist! This book is for the first responder, the single mother, the traveling business person, the rideshare driver, and so many other folks out there who desire confidence in their everyday routine. 

De Becker is an exceptional author, and this book reads like a thriller! He pulls examples from real situations he has experienced in his career as a personal bodyguard (such as assassination attempts and serial killers) and analyzes them in great detail in order to prepare the laymen for violence. The philosophy derived from this book has become engrained in our teaching at TKS. Use our Amazon affiliate link above to grab your copy!

 A retired law enforcement officer and a Lt. Colonel get together and write THE MOST in depth and scientifically backed book on the physiology and psychology of violence--from both the perspective of the defender and the attacker. 

Although this book can be slow at times with example after example of evidence to prove certain points, it is hands down the best book to train your brain for the inevitable affront of violence that will someday stand at your doorstep. Use our Amazon affiliate link to grab your copy today!